• India has been – and remains – the home of natural medicine for 8,000 years
  • 72 million people suffer from diabetes
  • This is projected to rise to 98 million in 10 year
  • Based on projections, Insulin will be beyond the reach of 49 million that need it
  • One in four under 25’s have adult onset diabetes – a condition usually affecting 40 to 50 year olds
  • In 5 years, treatment costs will reach $30billion

OOH MEDICAL & PHARM believe we can help make a difference. Type 2 Diabetes can be avoided through a combination of:

  • Diet – avoid processed carbs and meat, red meat and sugar
  • Weight loss – 10% = 50% less risk
  • Exercise – improves ability to use insulin and absorb glucose
  • Stop smoking = or twice the risk
  • Gennisi and Uncarb

Natural/Herbal Medicine in India

  • India has been home to use of natural medicine since 6000 B.C practised in the form of Ayurvedic Medicine.
  • There are 2,860 hospitals with 45,720 beds providing natural medicinal care to patients in India. Typically, 75% of the total bed capacity in these hospitals are occupied by patients receiving natural medicinal treatments at any given time. Besides this there are 2,100 dispensaries of traditional medicine and there are 587,536 registered traditional medicine practitioners and homeopaths.
  • Nearly 70%-80% of Indian population of about 1.36 billion still uses natural medicinal treatment of some form for treatment of several ailments.

Diabetes in India

  • India is home to an estimated 72 million diabetics currently representing 49% world diabetes burden.
  • Currently, one in every four people under 25 has adult-onset diabetes, a condition more usually seen in 40-50-year-olds, according to the Indian Council of Medical Research’s youth diabetes registry. This shows that the increase in diabetes prevalence across India is not just due to an ageing population but also due to lifestyle changes caused by an increase in wealth impacting all age groups.
  • The most underprivileged seeking subsidized treatment in a government healthcare facility currently spends $130 annual for diabetes treatment. However, given the huge commercial potential of drug sales in diabetes, new and expensive insulin is being promoted aggressively to the vast middle class and affluent class.
  • For instance, Degludec is sold at $30 per vial in India which is more expensive than in Europe and costs 50% more than human insulins versus NPH. The annual cost to treat diabetes is estimated to reach $30 billion by 2025 conservatively.

 Our franchise partners:

  • Are grounded in India as sons and daughters of the soil.
  • Have been a part of a healthcare market that is at the cusp of traditional approaches and an accelerated technological adaptation.
  • In line with our identity will assist with regulatory framework for the import, pricing and labelling of our products and services to commensurate a local brand.
  • Will create a strong field force that will reach out to pharmacies in urban and rural areas to place the product on the counter where the pharmacist will help the customers to see and choose it.
  • Will work with media through press releases and an amount of press advertising.
  • Use a technological approach, digital and social marketing channels to promote and track the product sales real-time and use data analytics to further our strategies towards product choice, placement, pricing and education.